2021-12: The Metaverse Podcast - Connected Blockchains, with Ethan Buchman of Cosmos

2021-11 DeFi Decoded - Ethan Buchman on how Cosmos is creating an “Internet of Blockchains”

2021-10: The Blockchain Socialist - The heterodox politics of the internet of blockchains and sustainability existentialism

2021-05: Real Vision Crypto - Envisioning a Proof of Stake Alternative with Ethan Buchman, co-founder of Cosmos

2021-02: The Pomp Podcast - Ethan Buchman on Standardization And Interoperability

2021-02: CMCC Global - Interview with Ethan Buchman, Co-founder of Cosmos

2020-10: Untold Stories - Reinventing Governance & Crypto Social Experiments

2020-09: Fintech Impact - Cosmos with Ethan Buchman

2020-06: Hashing it Out - Informal Systems with Ethan Buchman

2020-06: Citizen Cosmos - Ethan Buchman, the now and then of Cosmos

2020-04: Webinar - How COVID-19 Accelerated the Transformation of the Global Financial System - Past, Present, and Future of Money

2019-09-06: Planetary Regeneration Podcast - Ethan Buchman

2019-04-03: Epicenter - Cosmos – Launching the Internet of Blockchains

2018-03-26: Software Engineering Daily - Consensus Systems with Ethan Buchman

2016-01-11: Epicenter Bitcoin - Tendermint - Private Modularized Blockchains

Raps and Songs

I sing and rap as “Tanuki”. See the debut album and various performances on Github.


2021-12: CSCON[1] - From Empires to City States: The Political Economy of Cosmos

2020-12: Interchain Conversations II - Opening Skit - Ethan and Billy

2020-11: CSCON[0] - Free as in Banking

2019-06: Interchain Conversations I - Stakeholders and Statemachines

2019-05-06: Rebuild Conference - Stakeholders and Statemachines

2018-07-12: Edcon Toronto - A Brief History of Distributed State

2017-02-02: Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering - On the Design and Accountability of Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Protocols

2016-06-15: University of Guelph, On - Ethan Buchman’s Master’s Thesis Defense

Developer Sessions

Every week, participants in the Tendermint project meet to discuss research and development in the Tendermint Dev Sessions.


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