Hello World

I love writing, and I want to commit to doing more of it. Once upon a time I had a good cadence going on Blogspot, and when that dropped off, I eventually picked up again on Wordpress. But it’s been a while. Now I plan to write in Vim and publish on Github while letting Hugo do the hard work of beautifying, unless you can convince me of something better.

I’d like to post at least once a week, even if it’s short. If I don’t, please bother me on twitter.

What do I plan to write about? More or less what ever I’m wrestling with at the time. In some sense, trying to crystallize the things I think about when I go on all those walks. Writing is a sure fire way to help clarify thought.

I expect a lot of it will be half baked. I often have intuitions about things that feel good in my head and sound cool, but I never quite get around to formally developing them. I’m hoping if I just publish my thoughts to the world on a semi-frequent basis, folks with greater competence and/or courage than I will find them interesting and help develop them further.

Here goes!

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