Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming

This is an ode to the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming, an organic farm located on the University of Guelph campus, where I fell in love with gardening and discovered that permaculture can feed the world.

The Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming is a sanctuary. A botanical paradise. A fantasy realm in our own backyard. It is a stunning beacon of productivity; a shining ray of sustainable capacity; a testament to the permacultural principles.

Some students find comfort and stress relief in playing with puppies. But time and again I found it on the urban organic farm. The crisp air, the colors, the vegetable tapestry; how quaint the seeds, how cute the seedlings, how bountiful the plants!

How honest and right it feels to have your hands in the soil, your mind on the seasons, your heart with the bees. To have your taste buds tuned to the very fruits of your own labour.

Like the university’s financial coffers, its research labs, and its libraries, the urban organic farm compounds value. It is a powerhouse of learning and growth. Stewarded by patient farm hands, it transforms the rampant chaos of reality into the most fertile soil in the land; the healthiest and most sustainable food in your existence.

We want to ensure the GCUOF has the resources it needs to survive and thrive. Investment in the GCUOF is an investment in the sustainability of the campus and the well-being of all who stroll across it.

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